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Please note that this is not an interchangeable handle.

The stitching awl handles are made from African Blackwood and solid brass ferrule. 


You can purchase the handle on its own and install your favourite awl blade using super glue or resin. (Visit here for the awl blades only)


Alternatively, you can purchase the handle and blade together which we can install for you.


The product photos use BS-40 and BS-45.


The awl blades are made by the same manufacturer as System S+U needles with the finest and toughest steel from Germany.

Stitching Awl

Excluding VAT |
  • Handle Height: 87 mm

    Handle width: 25 mm approx.

    Needle Model Total height with needles
    BS-40 10.2 cm approx.
    BS-45 10.8 cm approx.
    BS-50 11.3 cm approx.


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