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Saddlers harness awl blades for leather work. It is made by the same manufacturer as System S+U needles with high-quality steel from Germany. Diamond point. Best awl blades for your custom awl handles.


The price is for one blade.

Condor® Harness Awl Blades

Excluding VAT |
  • Model Length Ø Wire
    B-40 40mm 1.80mm
    B-45 45mm 1.80mm
    B-50 50mm 2.00mm
    B-55 55mm 2.20mm
    B-60 60mm 2.20mm
    B-65 65mm 2.40mm
    B-70 70mm 2.40mm
    B-75 75mm 2.60mm
    B-80 80mm 2.60mm
    B-85 85mm 2.80mm
    B-90 90mm 2.80mm
    B-95 95mm 3.00mm
    B-100 100mm 3.00mm
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