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Currently, we can only split leather that you purchase from us.

The tolerances for splitting is (+ 0.2mm). Usually they will be very close to the desired thickness. We can split leather down to 0.7mm at the thinnest. Bear in mind that, if you wrote 0.7mm in the custom field for free splitting, you may get either 0.7, 0.8 or 0.9mm.


We have a compact leather splitting machine in our studio that can split down your leather to the thickness you need. However, the splitter has a width of 30cm restriction but we prefer to trim the leather to about 25cm wide maximum to ensure it feeds and splits nicely.


This means we CAN NOT split the whole hide, we have to cut the leather as below:

full goat skin web copy.png

Full Skin

goat skin ver1.png

Option 1

goat skin ver2.png

Option 2

Please note that every skin is different in shape, the photos above are just to illustrate how we trim the leather before splitting. It's basically a matter of trimming the creasing parts. We will try to maximise the sizes of panels you can work with. You will receive all the parts from one skin.

So in the Free Splitting field on the product page, you should write the desired thickness and the trimming version, i.e "0.5mm, Option 1"

We may able to split the leather to 0.5mm if we cut the leather in smaller pieces. You can discuss your special requirement with us. If you have any question, please contact us via WhatsApp.

Please note that leather is a natural material that comes from animals, and therefore it may have certain characteristics such as wrinkles, scratches, holes, bites and variations in colour or texture. These are not considered defects but rather unique features that add to the beauty and authenticity of the product. Please understand that we cannot guarantee that the leather will be completely flawless or uniform in appearance, as this is a natural occurrence that is beyond our control. some hides have a more narrow clean centre area than others.

Leather production may result in varying shades of colour for each batch. While the tanneries make an effort to maintain a strict tolerance, there may be slight variations.


We can not control the range of sizes we receive. The average size is around 0.55 sqm (5.9 sqft).

The actual product may appear slightly different from the digital colour photographs shown due to differences in monitor displays and variations in photographic lighting.

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