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This scratch awl has a rounded point. It is used for piercing holes in leather or marking them. You can even draw a mark across leather such as when tracing pattern templates, or impress a small mark such as where belt holes will be placed. Compare to the sharp point awl, it will not damage your leather by accident. (For sharp point awl, please visit here for the Round Awl.)


The awl blade is made by the same manufacturer as System S+U needles with the finest and toughest steel from Germany.


This awl is not interchangable. 

Scratch Awl

Excluding VAT |
  • Handle Height: 87 mm

    Handle width: 25 mm approx.

    Model Blade Diameter Total Length
    S-55RUND 2.00 mm 119 mm
    S-60RUND 2.00 mm 122 mm
    S-70RUND 2.20 mm /
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