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Featuring a classic African Blackwood handle and solid brass ferrule with a permanently fixed steel blade with a sharp point. (For round point awl, please visit here for the Scratch Awl.)


You can even draw a mark across leather such as when tracing pattern templates, or impress a small mark such as where belt holes will be placed. When using it while stitching, it also stretches the stitch hole less than the diamond shaped awl. It can also be used to paint leather edges; the thinner round blade helps to apply the right amount of edge paint for thin leather pieces.


The awl blades are made by the same manufacturer as System S+U needles with the finest and toughest steel from Germany.

Round Awl

Excluding VAT |
  • Handle Height: 87 mm

    Handle width: 25 mm approx.

    Model Blade Diameter Total Length
    S-45 1.80 mm 106 mm
    S-50 1.80 mm 112 mm
    S-55 2.00 mm 119 mm
    S-60 2.00 mm 122 mm



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