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This is a polishing iron used for both leather edges and surfaces. It is especially useful for ironing out small wrinkles in leather (like exotics) and buffing out finishes. You can also use it when doing leather moulding and shaping, instead of using a bone folder to achieve a quicker result.


Regad tips are made from high-quality, pre-treated steel. This range of steel complies with the NF Standard (French and European standards).


- Compatible with all Regad Creasing & Edging Machines and handles

- Carefully polished before being fitted to the heat resistant body

Regad Polishing Tip "Fer Mailloche"

Excluding VAT |
  • Length of Head only: 46.5 mm

    Length of Full Tool: 95 mm

    Width: 20 mm

    Thickness: 14 mm

    Weight: 71gram

    Made in France 

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