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This Edge Polisher with 2 Grooves is used for burnishing and polishing the edges of leather with wax, paraffin, dye, or edge paint. Two grooves have different widths.


This tool has two-part, one is the brass head with grooves, one is the Heating Part  "Marque à Chaud" with a screw top (check here for more details). You can purchase them as a set or separately. If you want to have two different sizes of the brass head, you only need to invest in one Heating Part.



Two sizes of the brass head are available:

  • PSL3.4X1: 3mm and 4mm grooves, 1mm depth
  • PSL5.6X1: 5mm and 6mm grooves, 1mm depth


Regad tips are made from high-quality, pre-treated steel. This range of steel complies with the NF Standard (French and European standards).


- Compatible with all Regad Creasing & Edging Machines and handles

Regad Brass Edge Polisher w/ 2 Grooves

PriceFrom £64.00
Excluding VAT |
  • PSL3.4x1: 

    • Length of Head only: 14 mm
    • Length of Full Tool: 69.3 mm
    • Head Diameter: 16 mm
    • Weight PSL3.4x1: 36.8g


    • Length of Head only: 18.1 mm
    • Length of Full Tool: 73.5 mm
    • Head Diameter: 16 mm
    • Weight PSL5.6x1: 45g

    Made in France 

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