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- Heavy-Duty extra-sharp black blade (0.50mm).

- 18mm blade.

- 10 blades per pack.

- The cutting edge of these black blades are at maximum sharpness.


The cutter can be purchased from here.

NT Cutter - Spare blade Heavy-Duty extra-sharp black blade/10 blades "BL13P"

Excluding VAT |
  • 58 degree 18mm W x 100mm L x 0. 50mm T

  • PMGL-EVO2,PMGL-EVO2R,PMGL-EVO1,PMGL-EVO1R,JL-120P, iL-120P, L-300RP, eL-500, iL-500RP, iL-550RP, L-500, L-500P, L-500G, L-500GP, L-500GR, L-500GRP, L-550, L-550P, L-550GP, SL-700GP, MNCR-L1, MNCR-L1R

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