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XIANGE is the ultimate luxury polyester thread. It is exceptional for hand stitching but also can be used on a sewing machine.


With special treatment, it looks like linen thread and allows the user to finish their product by burning the ends.


Consisting of 3 polyester twisted filaments and due to the high temperature and high pressure dyeing environment, its colour will not fade.


A unique dry wax treatment is evenly applied , so there is no extra floating wax. The thread is round, smooth and waterproofed. It is given a very light waxing that allows it to be used on a machine but still has enough wax for hand sewing.


Environmentally friendly dyed & produced.


Ideal for highend leathercrafts, saddles & harnesses, athletic equipment, denim materials, automotive Interior or any heavy duty projects.


Excluding VAT |
  • XIANGE | Expert included:

    15#(0.60mm) - All 84 colours in 84 pcs OR

    20#(0.52mm) - All 84 colours in 84 pcs OR

    25#(0.45mm) - All 84 colours in 84 pcs OR

    30#(0.38mm) - All 84 colours in 84 pcs OR

    35#(0.30mm) - All 84 colours in 84 pcs

    This set is a value choice for clients who mainly use one specification particularly.  

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