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WEIXIN waxed thread is one of the world’s best polyester waxed threads.


Consisting of three strands of polyester filaments and due to the high temperature and high pressure dyeing environment, its colour will not fade.


A unique wax treatment is evenly applied, so there is no extra floating wax. The thread is round and smooth. With a strong sense of three-dimensional, it’s easy to shape.


The thread is waterproof, anti sweat and anti allergy.


Weixin’s most prominent feature is the incorporation of multiple technological innovations that fundamentally solve the problem of anti-twist and has a strong resistance to wear.


Ideal for shamballa, macrame, necklaces, bracelets and other jewellery making projects. It’s also suitable for leathercrafts, saddles & harnesses, athletic equipment or any heavy duty projects.


Excluding VAT |
  • WEIXIN | Expert included:

    M30 - All 69 colours in 69 spools OR

    M40 - All 69 colours in 69 spools OR

    M50 - All 69 colours in 69 spools

    This set is a value choice for clinets who mainly use one specification particularly. 

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