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Curved needles are usually used in special situations where straight needles cannot complete the work. Because of their role in making pillows and other upholstery furniture, they are also called upholstery needles.

They can be used for bookbinding, leatherwork and more.


Made in Germany

SYSTEM S+U Curved Upholstery Needle

PriceFrom £2.00
Excluding VAT |
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    Model Length




    960-40 40mm 0.6mm 25mm
    960-48 48mm 0.8mm 29mm
    960-65 65mm 1.20mm 43mm
    960-80 80mm 1.20mm 49mm
    960-90 90mm 1.20mm 58mm
    960-100 100mm 1.30mm 60mm

    25 needles in original packaging

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