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A useful tool for making patterns. Help you draw circles with equal spacing.


Large hole disc: suitable for silver pen on vegetable tanned leather, with the smilar hole size on both sides.

Small hole disc: suitabke for scratching awl or any thinner pens, with larger holes on the front and smaller holes on the back.


Some scraches may apprea on the surface which will not effect its fuctioning. 




Solid Brass Round Edge Ruler Set

Excluding VAT |
  • Set of 3/4/5/6/7/10 mm (radius) in both bigger and smaller holes (total 12 pieces)

    Weight: 10 mm: 3 g / 12 mm: 3 g / 14 mm: 3 g / 20 mm: 7 g

    Thickness: 2.5 mm



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