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Raymay Swingcut received the 23rd Japan Stationery Award 2014 (ISOT 2014) in Functional Category Excellence Award" and "2014 Good Design Award" for its highly evaluated functionality and design of the pulling effect due to the newly developed swing structure. The off-centred pivot point allows the user to create a stronger cutting force with less effort.


  • On the long blade side, the fulcrum is shifted, so the blade length is long, and the blade is pulled while cutting. You can get a light and smooth sharpness by cutting while pulling the blade. Swing cuts are special scissors that combine excellent sharpness with ease of use. It is proofed that swing-structured scissors can be cut with less load and lighter force than regular scissors.


  • To maximize the pulling effect, a thick left-right asymmetric handle that fits in the hand and the force at the time of cutting is easily transmitted to the scissors is adopted.


  • The soft elastomer resin inside the handle reduces the impact when cutting and the clicking sound of the handle colliding with each other.


  • The off-centred pivot point, push away the object when cutting, and it serves as a guide so that the object that has been cut flows downward, allowing smooth cutting.


  • A soft elastomer resin with an optimum hardness of 60% is used so that the fingers do not hurt when opening and closing and it is easy to transmit delicate force.


TITANIUM COATING (Gold): tougher and  more durable, stay sharp longer

FLUORINE COATING (Black): resist sticky residue, great for cutting tape and stickers

Raymay Swingcut Scissors

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  • Size: W69 × H182 × D15mm


    Handle = ABS resin / elastomer resin

    Blade = Stainless steel blade with either Fluorine Coating or Titanium Coating

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