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MEISI is a luxury linen thread for hand stitching.


The filaments are created in a special way that when twisted together gives a smoother thread, then it’s given a unique waxing treatment.


The smoother round thread reduces friction when stitching improving both the experience and the final appearance.


Environmentally friendly dye that is resistant to ultraviolet radiation and fading.


Natural flax fibre does not melt and does not swell when wet.

It is resistant to deformation and stretching.


In the sewing process, the thread is not dismissed and does not nap.


The patented ready click spool design allowing you to keep the threads ends neat and tidy.


MEISI Original 10M | MULTICOLOURS includes:



PriceFrom £3.70
Excluding VAT |
  • Diametre (approx.) Length (metre/pc)
    M90 (0.90mm) 10
    M70 (0.75mm) 10
    M60 (0.65mm) 10
    M50 (0.55mm) 10
    M40 (0.45mm) 10
    M30 (0.35mm) 10

    Available in 6 different thicknesses and 73 different varieties of colours.

    * The colour may be slightly different from the actual product.

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