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We have changed the brass nails to anti-slip nails in gold colour.


This leather strop is used for honing/polishing the knife edges to make it razor-sharp.

One side of the strops is textured suede leather that pre-applied green compound. You can purchase extra Japanese Buffing/Polishing Compound Cube (can be purchased here). Use this side to quickly restore the sharpness of the blade and repair the defect. 

Another side is genuine thick leather for fine polishing. This side can be used to further increase the sharpness of the blade. (If you use this side after using the green paste side, clean the remaining fine abrasive particles on the blade). It is strongly recommended to use this side as daily maintenance.


4 corner nails are to raise the strop on the table, effectively preventing the tabletop from getting dirty.


Leather Strop for Knife Sharpening

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  •   Leather Surface Body
    Small 200 x 70 mm 300 x 70 x 18 mm
    Large 220 x 85 mm 320 x 85 x 18 mm
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