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Purchase at your own risk during the winter as the glue may freeze. It cannot be used if frozen.


A more sustainable and effective glue for leather goods, offering superior bonding strength, easier cleanup, and better protection for the leather. Adhesive in water dispersion, with a basis of synthetic latex and considerable resistance to yellowing from exposure to sunlight. It is particularly suitable for leathers goods, for coupling of leather and synthetic material. It can be applied by spray & brush.


The 150 ml HDPE bottle has a wide mouth, it is easy to dip directly with a Glue Applicator (can be purchased here).


Ecosar 116 AD NG is a Polychloroprene water-based adhesive, recommended brush application only.

Ecosar 116 Più is a Polyurethane (PU) water-based adhesives with cold reactivation, recommended brush or spray application.


For international orders, there might be extra shipping charges for 1kg and 10kg depending on your total order values and weight.

ECOSAR 116 Series Water Based Adhesive For Leather and Fabrics

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    • Environmentally friendly: Water-based adhesives emit fewer volatile organic compounds (VOCs) than solvent-based adhesives. They do not release harmful fumes or odors, making them safer to use.

    • Easy to clean up: Water-based adhesives can be cleaned up easily with water, whereas solvent-based adhesives require solvents for cleanup. This makes them more convenient to use and reduces the amount of waste generated.

    • Better for leather: Water-based adhesives do not discolor or damage leather like solvent-based adhesives do. They also provide a stronger bond and greater flexibility, which is important for leather goods that are subject to stress or movement.

    • Longer shelf life: Water-based adhesives have a longer shelf life than solvent-based adhesives because they do not evaporate or dry out as quickly. This reduces waste and makes them more cost-effective over time.

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