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V1 vs V2

In continuous efforts to improve product's durability, we've introduced the V2 version. Here's what sets the two versions apart:



  • The entire tool, including the adjustment bars, is crafted from walnut wood.
  • Over time, some users experienced issues with the walnut adjustment bars cracking when screws were tightened with varying force.



  • The body of the V2 is constructed from North American walnut wood.
  • To improve durability, the adjustment bars on the V2 are now crafted from Bakelite, a robust and resilient material. They are meticulously designed to mimic the color and texture of walnut wood, ensuring that the V2 maintains its classic aesthetic and familiar feel.


For client who purchased V1:

If you have purchased the V1 version and are concerned about the potential for your wooden bars to crack, you can purchase additional Bakelite bars to replace your wooden bars. Please note that the extra Bakelite bars do not include screws, so you will need to use the screws from your existing V1 walnut bars for this replacement.


This belt cutter is suitable for beginners and professionals. For cutting strips up to around 6.5 cm wide. It is easy to use, after some practice, you can cut straps perfectly in the desired width. 


Full set includes:

Belt cutter x1 (with one blade installed)

Extra baldes x2

Allen Key x1

Packaging Box x1


We also supply 10 pieces pre-cut 18 mm replacement blade in a suitable size. You can purchase extra or install any Japanese 18 mm snap-off blade.

V2 Geji Adjustable Leather Belt/Strap Cutter -Walnut & Bakelite

PriceFrom £5.50
Excluding VAT |
  • Size: 157 x 201 mm

    Weight: 280 g

    Made in China

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