Thread: Meisi Original VS Meisi Super Fine

Updated: Apr 21

How does the Original compare to Super Fine?

Many customers ask the difference between the two, so we feel that it is worth posting an article separately to summarise relevant information for customers' reference.

Left - Meisi Original in cylinder spool | Right - Meisi Super Fine in pagoda spool

In Short

Meisi Original linen thread is the first generation that has been used in the industry for many years, it is used for hand stitching only and is available in more thicknesses.

Meisi Super Fine linen thread is the exceptional luxury thread, it was developed based on the Original by increasing the refinement of several processes, so that it’s finer and smoother, suitable for both hand and machine sewing.

Clients choose between them based on their personal considerations and needs.


Based on the requirement of our clients who specialised in making saddles, trunks, shoes or any other leather crafts that need thicker threads, we developed M70 and M90 for the Original version. At this moment, we only have very few colours for those thicknesses, they are Black, Coffee, Brown, Caramel and Khaki, if you want any other colour or specification that is not available now, feel feel to leave us a comment or message, we listen to all our client's opinions and consider their needs while developing future collections.

These two photos were kindly provided by Pro Atelier Plus's client on 13th Nov 2019, only use it as your personal references. Please do not use these in any commercial platform without our consent.


The Original has 73 colours while Super Fine has 92 colours (more colours releasing soon).