The tasting box is ideal for customers who want to check the specifications of XIANGE polyester thread. You can choose to add-on a colour catalogue, or you can purchase the book separately for the original price here.


XIANGE is the ultimate luxury polyester thread. It is exceptional for hand stitching but also can be used on a sewing machine.


With special treatment, it looks like linen thread and allows the user to finish their product by burning the ends.


Consisting of 3 polyester twisted filaments and due to the high temperature and high pressure dyeing environment, its colour will not fade.


A unique dry wax treatment is evenly applied , so there is no extra floating wax. The thread is round, smooth and waterproofed. It is given a very light waxing that allows it to be used on a machine but still has enough wax for hand sewing.


Environmentally friendly dyed & produced.


Ideal for highend leathercrafts, saddles & harnesses, athletic equipment, denim materials, automotive Interior or any heavy duty projects.

XIANGE Taster Box

  • - 1 spool of XIANGE (colour and thickness of your choice)

    - 4 pcs of 10 metres XIANGE mini pack in different colours and thickness (random colour for all thicknesses)


    - a XIANGE colour catalogue (Factory original version)

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