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This product does not come with an L-shaped Allen wrench and Torx screwdriver, you will need to have them for exchanging the adaptor and secure the pen in the holes.

There are two sizes of screws used on this tool, one is an M3 Torx screw, another is an M1.5 hex screw. Simply find the matching screwdriver for them in any craft store.


This solid and sturdy multifunctional compass allows you to mark any surface using different tips. Suitable for different industries. It comes with 2 different tips and 2 adaptors for holding different tips or pens.


It can be used to mark consistent spacings like stitching lines and holes on the leather. Or install a ballpen, silver pen etc to draw lines.


The kit included:

- 1 x sharp scratch tip

- 1 x 2.0 mm groover tip

- 2 x adaptors for holding different sizes of tips

- 1 x Divider main body


- Not easy to rust and scratch

- Hand polished

- Hand sharpened tips

Wing Divider Compass with Interchangeable Legs

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  • Total length: 150 mm

    Maximum opening angle: 70 degrees

    Maximum measurement distance: 160 mm

    Material: 3Cr13 Stainless steel

    Heat-treatment process: HRC50+

    Made in China

  • Silver: Stonewashed

    Black: Stonewashed 

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