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In comparison to traditional bone folders, this stainless steel bone folder has a slightly rounded edge that will not crack for a long time.

The polishing of metal is relatively smooth, and it is not easy to damage the leather surface. The metal is much harder, so the edge will not appear burrs from friction after a long period of use.

Chamfers at the tip and sides are smaller, while chamfers at the bottom are larger. In total, there are three chamfer sizes, each serving a different purpose.


The holes make it easy to hang on the tool wall.


***Mirror polishing is performed after casting. The interior of the hole is not polished. There will be a few imperfections on the surface due to the casting process, and it may also have some slight scratches.

Stainless Steel Bone Folder

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  • Material: 3Cr13 Stainless Steel

    Hardness: After heat treatment, it reaches HRC50~52 (the hardness of ordinary kitchen knives is about HRC55)
    Dimensions: ~148 mm (L), ~18 mm (W), ~4 mm thickness

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