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The Souryu Leather Knife is a testament to precision and craftsmanship. Its Forged Blue steel Aogami No. 2 blade is made from high-quality Japanese steel, ensuring durability and a clean cut every time. The charred oak wood handle offers a comfortable grip that makes cutting and skiving leather a breeze. Whether you're a professional or a beginner, this knife is a must-have in your tool collection, allowing you to upgrade your leathercrafting skills.


This knife has a 24mm (0.9") wide blade, expertly handcrafted using only the finest steel. With proper care and storage, it will provide years of reliable use. It's crucial to avoid hard surfaces when storing the knife, as with all Japanese blades, to maintain the cutting edge. Invest in the Kyoshin Elle Leathercraft Tool Knife to take your leatherworking to the next level.

Japanese Premium Souryu Leather Skiving Knife

PriceFrom £108.00
Excluding VAT |
  • 24 mm &  36 mm blade width -

    Blade: Forged Blue steel Aogami No. 2 blade 

    Handle: Charred oak wood handle

  • To cut leather with this knife, simply place your leather on a cutting mat and insert the appropriate corner of the blade into the leather. Pull the knife towards you while twisting the blade in the direction you wish to cut. It's essential to ensure that the blade is cutting both the mat and the leather to maintain control and prevent slippage. When turning the knife around corners, pitch the handle away from you for more control, and when cutting in straight lines, pitch the handle towards you for straighter lines and more efficient cutting.

    For skiving, place your leather flesh side up on a hard surface, such as glass, with the edge you want to skive facing away from you. Hold the knife with the bevel facing upwards and the blade's edge facing in the same direction as the edge of the leather or at a slight angle, as preferred. Cut the leather outwards or across from where you want the skive to begin straight through to the edge of the leather.

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