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This tool rack has a simple and practical design with a mortise and tenon joint structure. Made with black walnut. Each piece is carefully chamfered and polished by a craftsman.

There are 2 types of holes, which fits different tools. For example, you can fit different sizes of hole punchers.


* This product is made of natural wood, handmade and polished. So the pattern and colour may vary.


* The tools in the tool rack are for display only.

Small Walnut Tool Rack Type B - Round & Square Holes

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  • Dimensions (approx.)

    Length: 250 mm

    Total Depth: 70 mm

    Height: 80 mm

    Hole Size 1: 21 (mm diameter ⌀) x 2 holes

    Hole Size 2: 17 (mm diameter ⌀) x 3 holes

    Hole Size 3: 14 (mm diameter ⌀) x 6 holes

    Hole Size 4: 11 (mm diameter ⌀) x 6 holes

    Hole Size 5: 8 (mm diameter ⌀) x 12 holes

    Square Hole: 21 x 16 (mm) x 3 holes

    Material: Black Walnut

    Made in China

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