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No Handle and tips included.


The stand is designed to keep your handle in an easily accessible position, whether the iron is cooling or heating.

Compare to the wooden rest, the metal coil on the metal rest can safely protect the iron and avoid accidental burns when the iron gets hot. It also secures the handle in the rest to prevent accidental fall down.

There are 3 holes on the front side of the rest to hold the Regad tips. This stand is well made and has a heavyweight to ensure it is sturdy that it will not tip over during use.


S22M can hold 

  • 22mm Handle (1022T) + any 3 tips


S267M can hold

  • 29mm Handle (1002T, 1006 or 1007) + any 3 tips

Regad Metal Handle Rest

Excluding VAT |
  • Size: 155 x 80 mm


    • S22M - 1.01kg
    • S267M - 0.99kg

    Made in France

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