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Some sizes may take around 10 days to dispatch.

The FNMCR Series is a variation of the FN Series. These tips have a circular head shape, which makes for an additional option for creasing corners on leather. 


Like F and FN Series tips, they have two edges: the guide rides on the side of your leather edge, and the creaser on the top of the leather.

These tips can create a 0.3 mm* (check the note in Specification) rounded crease at various distances from the side of the leather.

They melt wax, paraffin or any other compounds for finishing leather surfaces.


Regad tips are made from high-quality, pre-treated steel. This range of steel complies with the NF Standard (French and European standards).


- Compatible with all Regad Creasing & Edging Machines and handles (1002, 1022, 1006, 1007)

- Recommended for curve lines

- Carefully polished before being fitted to the heat resistant body

Regad FNMCR Series Filleteuse Edge Creasing Tips

Excluding VAT |
  • Length of Head only: 17.55 mm

    Length of Full Tool: 65.05 mm

    Width: 22.85 mm

    Thickness: 3.95 mm

    Made in France 


    FN1MCR: 0.75 mm Distance from the edge of the leather – 0.3 mm Crease thickness

    FN2MCR: 1.0 mm Distance from the edge of the leather – 0.3 mm Crease thickness

    FN3MCR: 1.25 mm Distance from the edge of the leather – 0.3 mm Crease thickness


    *The F and FN series has 0.3 mm of crease thickness, it is measured when the iron is cold. The crease thickness can have some variations according to the leather and the temperature are chosen and pressure is exerted. The difference in creases thickness should not exceed 0.6mm even if the iron is heated.

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