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A sleek and modern tool designed to bring convenience and versatility to your button-making projects. With its stylish design, this machine is not only functional but also adds a touch of elegance to your workspace.

Featuring a rotatable wheel with a selection of different dies, this machine allows for effortless swapping of dies to accommodate various button sizes and styles.

It also includes hole puncher dies, enabling you to conveniently create holes on materials as needed. This multi-functional feature expands the creative possibilities and saves you the hassle of using separate tools for hole punching.

The machine comes with a walnut wooden base that features four convenient slots for storing buttons.


Full set includes:

machine with or without wooden base

snap dies set x3 (THK 9.5 / 12.5mm / YKK SK35)

rivet die set x1 (8mm)

hole punch dies set (3/4/5mm punches with one brass base)

positioning plate



* A metal positioning plate is included with the machine, serving to align and guide the punching of straight holes.

* For the slim wooden base, an industrial G Clamp is required to secure the machine, allowing the machine's main body to extend beyond the table surface, providing a space to place bags over it.

* Custom dies are available upon request.

* The dies from other machines are not compatible with our conventional button press

* The machine can be purchased without the wooden base, but it will have to be drilled on the table.

Multi-Functional Button Setting Hole Punch Hand Press & Dies

PriceFrom £515.00
Excluding VAT |
  • Material: 

    • Main Body: Aluminum alloy anodising, brass, stainless steel
    • Dies: 304 Stainless Steel


    • Main Body: 100 x 168 x 325 mm, woking depth 109 mm
    • Wooden Base: 200 x 340 x 20 mm
    • Packaging: 390 x 260 x 320 mm (TBC)

    Weight: ~5.5kg (main body)

    Upper Die Wheel: M8 Screws

    Lower Die Wheel: 12mm diameter round hole


    Made in China

  • Please view and download the manual here.

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