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This smart edge paint drying rack is made of North American Walnut Wood. It comes with completely movable wooden pieces that can be fixed in place while the edges are drying. There is a slit in the middle of each wooden piece, suitable for leather pieces in different thickness. Extendable brass sticks for resting taller panels on.


There are total 9 removable wooden pieces:

with 6 mm middle slit x 3

with 3 mm middle slit x 3

brass rod piece x 3

Extendable brass sticks x 3 sets

Magnetic Edge Paint/Envelope Drying Rack Type B

Excluding VAT |
  • Rack base: 220 x 100  x 25 mm

    Removable wooden pieces: 100 x 30 x 20 mm

    Brass rod length: 50 mm

    Brass tube length: 150 mm

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