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The back and middle rows are embedded with strong magnets and inserted with flannel, which is suitable for storing Japanese skiving/cutting knives, steel rulers or other metal tools. The front row is perfect for your pricking irons or other smaller tools. 

This luxury black walnut tool rack is chosen by professional leather houses and craftsmen.

Depending on your table size and area, you can even put two racks side by side or back to back arrangements for storing more tools.


* This product is made of natural wood, handmade and polished. So the pattern and colour may vary.


* The tools in the tool organiser are for display only.

Large Tool Organiser - Walnut with Magnet Type H

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  • Dimensions (approx.)

    Length: 50 cm

    Total Depth: 7.5 cm

    Height: 14 cm (back row); 10.5 cm (middle row); 7.5 cm (front row)

    Slot opening width: 1.5 cm

    Back row (built-in magnet) x 2 slots; each slot 22 x 1.5 cm

    Middle row (built-in magnet) x 3 slots; each slot 14 x 1.5 cm

    Front row x 8 slots; each slot 3 x 1.5 cm


    Material: Black Walnut

    Weight: 1.8kg

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