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The machine will be shipped directly from China. You are responsible for the sea shipping cost. 

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A meticulously crafted splitting machine designed specifically for leather craft studios. This machine offers a compact size, making it an ideal choice for those working in small spaces or home studios, including garages. Its space-saving design ensures easy placement and convenient usage, allowing you to enhance your leather crafting endeavors with efficiency and precision.

The one-piece cast body ensures seamless functionality, while the LED working light provides optimal visibility. The machine operates on 220V for personal use and 380V for industrial applications.


Key Functions and Features:

  • The machine body is cast in a single piece, guaranteeing stability and preventing deformation.
  • Can split up to 300mm width panels.
  • Max leather thickness up to 8mm, with a minimum thinning capability of 0.2mm.
  • Equipped with a self-contained scrap vacuum system, effectively eliminating dust and preventing blockages.
  • Separate control for knife grinding to minimise noise as needed.
  • Separate control for dust suction to minimise noise as needed.
  • Compact size ensures maximum space saving.
  • Self-supporting castors allow for easy mobility.
  • Quick-release adjusting knob facilitates convenient cleaning and maintenance.
  • The front cover features a recessed bracket for effortless disassembly.

KTWO K7546 Compact 320MM Band Knife Splitting Machine

Excluding VAT |
  • Model K7546
    Voltage* 220V or 380V (optional)
    Power* 1.6 KW
    Working Size 320 mm
    Band Knife Size 2020*40*0.5 mm
    Feeding Speed Infinitely adjustable
    Machine Size 970*670*700 mm (without castors)
    Machine Base Size 970*650*500 m (with castors)
    Overall Machine Size 970*670*1200 mm (with castors)
    Wooden Export Crate 1050*750*1360 mm
    Net Weight of Machine 231.5 KG
    Net Weight of Machine Base 53.5 KG
    Total Net Weight 285 KG
    Total Weight w/ Crate 332 KG

    *Voltage and power plug of the Compact Leather Splitting Machine can be customized to match the standards of your country.

  • Dongguan KeTuo Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. is a leading company specialising in the development, production, and sales of band knife splitting machines and skiving machines. Operating under the brand name KTWO, their equipment finds extensive applications in various industries such as leather goods, shoes, garments, furniture and upholstery, automotive, and sporting goods. KTWO's machinery has gained recognition from numerous manufacturers in China and around the world.

    The inspiration behind the name KTWO stems from the majestic mountain known as K2, the second highest peak in the world, situated in the Karakoram mountain range. With a towering height of 8,611 meters above sea level, K2 stands as a symbol of challenge and adventure. The founder of the company, an avid mountaineering enthusiast, drew parallels between scaling mountains and the growth of a company and its independent brand. Both journeys are marked by unknown difficulties and obstacles that require courage and teamwork to overcome. Thus, the company adopted the name of a mountain peak as its trademark, signifying their constant pursuit of progress and the unyielding spirit of continuous movement in the field of work. It is also why many KTWO equipments are presented in the vibrant Arctic blue color, reminiscent of the boundless sky and majestic mountains, encapsulating the spirit of the brand.

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