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A precision band knife splitting machine designed specifically for the shoe and leather goods industry, as well as for interior equipment in the automotive industry. This cutting-edge machine is engineered with the highest quality standards and features an ergonomic design that enhances efficiency and minimizes fatigue during operation. With its optimized machine layout, it enables swift and precise execution of all splitting operations, ensuring maximum productivity in the shortest possible time.

The machine offers the capability to evenly thin and split soft and hard materials up to 8 mm in thickness and 420 mm in width, allowing for precise customization according to desired thickness requirements.

Equipped with a user-friendly cantilever touch screen and PLC control, it provides convenient control features such as automatic thickness adjustment, infinitely variable speed control, backward data storage and retrieval, and backward cycle feeding. These advanced functionalities ensure efficient and accurate operation. The machine operates with minimal noise, providing a smooth and quiet splitting experience.

With its versatile capabilities, it finds wide application in various industries, including leather products, footwear, automotive upholstery, furniture, and rubber and plastic industries. 


Key Features:

  • Convenience 360-degree cantilevered touch screen operation, featuring a user-friendly interface for seamless interaction.
  • Precise control with the PLC program. KTWO's self-developed control program ensures stability and reliability.
  • One-piece casting body, providing a solid foundation for long-term performance.
  • Precise splitting thickness with the automatic thickness adjustment function.
  • Stay informed with the automatic stop alarm, providing an alert for any necessary intervention.
  • Monitor machine operation in real-time with the fault alarm system, offering fault reset and storage for a comprehensive overview of performance.
  • 3570mm extended band knife, ensuring longevity in operation.
  • Adapt to different material densities effortlessly with the infinitely adjustable speed for feeding material.
  • Adjust the working pressure as needed for optimal results.
  • Experience smoother and more precise operation with the enlarged 500mm diameter flywheel, enhancing the performance of the knife belt.
  • Enjoy flexibility with both automatic backward and manual backward modes.
  • Maintain a clean workspace with the independent waste suction device and separate control module.
  • Store and retrieve data effortlessly with the built-in data storage function, capable of storing hundreds of sets of data for easy access.


KTWO K2D3 420MM Band Knife Splitting Machine

Excluding VAT |
  • Model K2D3
    Voltage 380V 
    Power* 3.5 KW
    Working Size 420 mm
    Band Knife Size 3570*50*0.8 mm
    Feeding Speed Infinitely adjustable
    Machine Size 1600*930*1280 mm
    Band Knife Speed 183m/min
    Net Weight of Machine 770 KG
    Max. Clearance 8 mm
    Min. Splitting Thickness 0.2 mm
    Total Weight w/ Crate 980 KG

    *Power plug of the Compact Leather Splitting Machine can be customized to match the standards of your country.

  • Dongguan KeTuo Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. is a leading company specialising in the development, production, and sales of band knife splitting machines and skiving machines. Operating under the brand name KTWO, their equipment finds extensive applications in various industries such as leather goods, shoes, garments, furniture and upholstery, automotive, and sporting goods. KTWO's machinery has gained recognition from numerous manufacturers in China and around the world.

    The inspiration behind the name KTWO stems from the majestic mountain known as K2, the second highest peak in the world, situated in the Karakoram mountain range. With a towering height of 8,611 meters above sea level, K2 stands as a symbol of challenge and adventure. The founder of the company, an avid mountaineering enthusiast, drew parallels between scaling mountains and the growth of a company and its independent brand. Both journeys are marked by unknown difficulties and obstacles that require courage and teamwork to overcome. Thus, the company adopted the name of a mountain peak as its trademark, signifying their constant pursuit of progress and the unyielding spirit of continuous movement in the field of work. It is also why many KTWO equipments are presented in the vibrant Arctic blue color, reminiscent of the boundless sky and majestic mountains, encapsulating the spirit of the brand.

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