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These quality rubber finger sleeves makes page-flipping or paper-sorting very easy. It can also protect your finger while doing hand sewing leather, especially if your hand is sweaty and your finger is slippy on the needles. Due to its durable and great quality material, it can be used multipul times. 


Size recommandation (For reference only):

S (No.1) - suitable for female index finger or thumb

M (No.2) - suitable for female thumb, male index finger/thumb

L (No.3) - suitable for male thumb

Kokuyo Finger Protector

PriceFrom £1.30
Excluding VAT |
  • Size:

    S (No.1) - 14mm x 40mm

    M (No.2) - 17mm x 45mm

    L (No.3) - 20mm x 50mm


    Material: Rubber

  • Japanese stationery company KOKUYO has a history of more than 110 years. With its characteristics of efficiency, innovation, and high quality, it has become a national brand in Japan. KOKUYO is dedicated to creating useful and easy-to-use products. With the UD universal design certification, the products can be used by children and the elderly with peace of mind. It is a frequent participant in the Japan Good Design Awards as well. 

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