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- A cutting ruler with stainless steel attached to one side

- The 5mm eyeliner and scale are displayed in dark gray for easy viewing.

- Ruler thickness 3mm


Japanese Acrylic Grid Scale with Metal Edge

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  • Width

    30cm ruler - 6cm

    50cm ruler - 10cm


    Body - Acrylic

    Cutter - Stainless steel

  • Shinwa Rules Co., Ltd. is a measuring instrument manufacturer located in the cities of Tsubame and Sanjo in Niigata Prefecture, a region that has been dedicated to metalworking production since the 16th century in Japan. Taking advantage of this location and the metalworking techniques passed down from their ancestors, Shinwa has been manufacturing and selling reliable metallic rulers and squares since 1971.

    Their efforts to develop attractive products and enhance product quality enabled Shinwa to become a top-selling metallic ruler manufacturer in Japan.

    Shinwa has been able to continue supplying reliable, high-quality measuring instruments as one of only a few manufacturers accredited by the Japan Calibration Service System.

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