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IMPORTANT: If you choose "With One Pen Rest Rainbow", the pen rest will be the same colour as the inkwell you selected, please leave us a note during check out or in the personalisation field if you wish for another color.


- You can change the angle of the jar, it is easier for dipping your pen even with only a little ink left in the jar.
- You can change the style of the inkwell to suit your mood. Just put a different charm on the magnetic wooden base.
- There will be more collections of charms released in the future. You only need one wooden base for many different charms.
- Does not take up much space. It is convenient to carry and store charms. Jars do not fall out of charms.
- The wooden base can be used as a Pen Rest, as well as temporary storage of your nibs.
- It is convenient to pour ink into a jar from a big jar without a pipette.

- Easy to clean with water

- Leak-proof jars at an angle

- Anti-scrolling jars

Inkwell Charm Pumpkin

PriceFrom £24.00
Excluding VAT |
Inkwell Colour
  • With Wooden Base:

    • One charm "Pumpkin"
    • Wooden Base
    • Paper box
    • Dinky dip 2.5 ml x1
    • Sticker for jar

    Without Wooden Base

    • One charm "Pumpkin"
    • Paper box
    • Dinky dip 2.5 ml x1
    • Sticker for jar
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