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Geji Leather Button Leather Wrapping Jig V2
This Jig makes wrapping leather on buttons simple. 
This is the version 2 of Geji button jig. Compared to version 1 which has only 3 holes, the V2 has 4 holes in size 9mm /12.5mm / 10mm / 15mm.
Additional benefit of the V2 is the four different size corners which can be used as a radius ruler.

Knife moulds need to purchase seperatly, for you to cut round shape leather in sizes 18/20/23.5/27.5mm, which are perfect to wrap leather on the four common button sizes on the market 9/12.5/10mm/15mm.

If you already have similar sizes round punches, you don't have to buy the knife moulds.


We suggest skiving the leather down to 0.3 - 0.6 mm.


*Due to the nature of the material, there may be slight rust in the complimentary knife moulds, which does not affect the use. We do not recommend applying protective oil, as it will be difficult to remove once it touches the material. 

Geji Leather Button Leather Wrapping Jig V2

PriceFrom £6.00
Excluding VAT |
  • Material: Brass

    Jig Size: 67 x 67 x 6 mm

    Hole Knife: 18mm, 20 mm 23.5 mm & 27.5 mm



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