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High quality leather cord made in Spain. 

Suitable for making wrist bracelets, purse straps, piping, leash and other hand made creative leather accessories.


* Diameter 1mm made of kangaroo leather, the strongest leather.


Order over 1 metre will be senr in a single continous length. Every 25 metres comes in a plastic spool. 


Other colours available upon request.

Aniline Round Leather Cord

Excluding VAT |

25 metres or more - 30% off

  • Aniline leather is a type of leather that is treated with soluble dyes and does not have a topcoat or pigmented finish. This means that the leather will absorb moisture and oils, which can darken the leather over time and create a unique patina. Aniline leather can come in a variety of colors, but the color is generally more transparent and natural-looking, allowing the texture and natural marks of the leather to show through.

    The color of aniline leather can vary depending on the type of dye used and the quality of the leather. Some aniline leather may have a solid color, while others may have a slight variation in color due to the natural variations in the leather. Generally, aniline leather is available in earthy, warm tones such as browns and tans.

    On the other hand, pigmented or protected leather has a topcoat or pigmented finish that provides a more uniform color and a greater level of protection against stains and spills. Pigmented leather can come in a wider range of colors, including bold, bright hues that are not commonly found in aniline leather. The color of pigmented leather is also more opaque and less transparent, meaning that the texture and natural marks of the leather are less visible.

    Overall, the main difference between aniline and pigmented leather colors is their level of transparency and naturalness. Aniline leather has a more natural and transparent look, while pigmented leather has a more uniform and opaque look.

  • Order 25 metres or more to get 30% off.

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