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These saddler's harness needles are made in Germany. They are praised by hobbyists and professional users in the industry. The needle points are rounder than others in the market, to prevent damaging your materials.


We also supply needles with an extra rounded tip to better protect your delicate materials. Find the model with "RUND".


Only a pack of 25 needles will be packed in an original blue corrosion-protecting envelope.


953-5-RUND is discontinued from July 2021

SYSTEM S+U Saddler's Harness Needles

PriceFrom £6.00
Excluding VAT |
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    Model Length




    (For Reference Only)

    953-4/0 80mm 1.40mm 0.80mm+
    953-2/0 70mm 1.25mm 0.70mm+
    953-1 60mm 1.10mm 0.60mm ~ 0.65mm
    953-1-RUND 60mm 1.10mm 0.60mm ~ 0.65mm
    953-2 56mm 1.00mm 0.50mm ~ 0.55mm
    953-3 54mm 0.90mm 0.45mm ~ 0.50mm
    953-3-RUND 54mm 0.90mm 0.45mm ~ 0.50mm
    953-4 48mm 0.90mm 0.45mm
    953-5 48mm 0.80mm 0.40 ~0.45mm
    953-5-RUND^ 48mm 0.80mm 0.40 ~0.45mm
    953-6 42mm 0.80mm 0.40mm
    953-7 42mm 0.70mm 0.30 ~ 0.35mm


    *For reference only

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