Saddlers harness awl blades for leather work. Made with high quality steel from Germany. Diamond point. Best awl blades for your custom awl handles.


The price is for one blade.

SYSTEM S+U Harness Awl Blades

  • Model Length Ø Wire
    B-40 40mm 1.80mm
    B-45 45mm 1.80mm
    B-50 50mm 2.00mm
    B-55 55mm 2.20mm
    B-60 60mm 2.20mm
    B-65 65mm 2.40mm
    B-70 70mm 2.40mm
    B-75 75mm 2.60mm
    B-80 80mm 2.60mm
    B-85 85mm 2.80mm
    B-90 90mm 2.80mm
    B-95 95mm 3.00mm
    B-100 100mm 3.00mm

    *B-70 ~ B-100 available upon request. 

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