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This tool is originally designed to burnish the inside of the watch strap where the links and buckles go. The heat smooths out the inner flesh side of the leather and makes the buckle and link rotate smoothly.

It is used by most high-end watch strap manufacturers.

You can also use it to smooth the edges of hard-to-reach areas such as belt/strap holes and other punched cuts.


We supply 3 sizes: 1.2 mm, 1.5 mm & 1.8 mm. Other custom sizes from 1-3 mm available upon request.


Regad tips are made from high-quality, pre-treated steel. This range of steel complies with the NF Standard (French and European standards).


- Compatible with all Regad Creasing & Edging Machines and handles

Regad Watch Strap Burnishing Tip

Excluding VAT |
  • Length of Head:  ~35mm

    Length of Full Tool:  ~85.5mm

    Weight: ~19g


    Made in France 

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