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Some sizes may take around 10 days to dispatch.

The B Series has one guide, the guide is 0.7mm higher. You can create a decorative indent border along with the edge of the leather. The width of the indent border depends on the size of the tip you used. 

You can also use this tip with gold foil to create a decorative indent along with the leather border.


Regad tips are made from high-quality, pre-treated steel. This range of steel complies with the NF Standard (French and European standards).


- Compatible with all Regad Creasing & Edging Machines and handles (1002, 1022, 1006, 1007)

- Recommended for straight lines

- Carefully polished before being fitted to the heat resistant body

Regad B Series Filleteuse Edge Border Tips

Excluding VAT |
  • Length of Head only: 19 mm

    Length of Full Tool: 66 mm

    Width: 24 mm

    Thickness: 1 mm - 6 mm

    Made in France 


    B15.07: 1.5mm border width

    B2.07: 2 mm border width

    B25.07: 2.5 mm border width

    B3.07: 3 mm border width

    B4.07: 4 mm border width

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