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KOYO "Green-Rough" K-1 polishing/buffing compound is used professionally by blacksmiths in Japan to give their blade surfaces a preliminary polish. 

Apply this compound on a leather strop (can be purchased here), buff until a light lustre appears. 

This 500g compound wax bar lasts for years.


Note: Due to long-distance transportation and the characteristics of the material, the outer packaging and product appearance may be a little imperfect, but it does not affect its function.

KOYO "Green Rouge" K-1 Buffing / Polishing Compound

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  • Material: Chromium Oxide

    Weight: 500g

  • Koyo-Sha was established at Ogu, Arakawa-ku, Tokyo in 1926. They are a major manufacturer of abrasive products like buffing wheels, belts and polishing compounds in the industry. Koyo is trusted by many Japanese balcksmith. 

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