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This economy leather craftstitching clamp is made with birch plywood, ideal for stitching small leather goods such as key rings, watch straps, and cardholders. You can adjust the clamp back and forth with different angle. 


Mini 16cm: compact size makes it ideal for travel, suitable for key rings, watch straps and small cardholders.

Medium 25cm: suitable for bifold cardholders and other smaller items

Large 34cm: suitable for majority small to large sizes items. 


The screws are covered by leather pieces that can be removed and customised by yourself.

Leather Craft Birch Plywood Lacing and Stitching Clamp

PriceFrom £41.00
Excluding VAT |
  •   Weight Max opening Main Body
    Mini 16cm 270 g ~2 cm 16L x 4.5W x 7.6D* 
    Medium 25cm 520 g ~ 3.5 cm 25L x 6W x 9.4D*
    Large 34cm 920 g ~ 4.5 cm 34.5L x 7W  x 11D*

    * Including two knobs. For more measurement please refer to the photos.

    Material: Birch Plywood Wood

    Made in China